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Here's a sampling of what our clients say:

"Working with Monica and her team has made the transition to Enterprise and the payroll piece of Enterprise a smooth transition. They were there when we ran into problems and were always available. We now have accurate job costing with real payroll costs for each job. Monica has a wealth of knowledge and practical business experience. I would highly recommend her."

Brian Link
Great Oaks Landscaping Inc.

"Finding Monica was one of the best things that happened to my business!   My husband found her on LinkedIn and suggested I call her.  Her combined knowledge of the landscape industry and accounting is extremely high.  She is easy to work with and her response to emails is just amazing!   She is helping me straighten out my books after another “knowledgeable QB” employee screwed them up!  LOL   It takes time to do this kind of work, but Monica is patient and understanding with us.   We struck gold finding her!   "

Personal Touch Landscaping 

"Monica helped simplify our P&L by utilizing the Items and Classes Features in QuickBooks.  We can do cost accounting for specific jobs more easily, with as much detail as we want, using the Items.  And we can compare financial information for each company division by using the Classes feature."

Kathy Wade, CFO
Carolina Landscape Service

"...Monica has really helped me with job costing techniques such as setting up estimates, posting employee's times against jobs (estimates), entering material costs against jobs and getting an overall look at how we are doing with jobs on an individual basis."

Carol Hudson
J.Holtz & Son, Inc.

"...Monica Muir has helped me to have a fresh look at our system.  With Monica’s suggestions, our program is now more streamlined and tailored to our business.  She additionally offered our company discounts on the program that we could not get directly through Intuit and made suggestions on third party add on programs to help make us more efficient. Monica Muir revealed hidden items within the QuickBooks system that have been key to our productivity, like turning on the company Snap Shot and enabling the Collections Center. Monica Muir recommended we incorporate T-Sheets for our timekeeping in QuickBooks and this has streamlined our payroll processes."

Lane L. Poms, General Manager
Scapes, INC

"What used to be a six-hour process, that I would do in stages over the course of a couple of days, has been cut in half, if not more. I not only used to spend hours prepping the monthly invoices but also spent too much time on the front end as well. Most of this process has been eliminated by using the memorized transactions function and utilizing the groups Monica helped me set up!"

Karen Paiva
The Laurel Rock Company

"After 25 years of being in business, we decided to take on our own inventory!  I reached out to Monica for help with this enormous project and how best to use the inventory module in QuickBooks.  She scheduled a phone conference with me and our service manager.  Monica suggested that we write down our questions and concerns in order to make the call more productive.  Not only did she answer all of our questions, she was able to demonstrate with a made-up company in QuickBooks that we were able to see on our screen and she recorded the whole conference call!  This was very beneficial as we have referred back to it many times!"

Melissa Langkamp
Rain One

 “Monica has been wonderful to work with from providing consultation for our software needs in showing us “hands on” what QB can do for us and where we would need to change our process/systems to fit with QB’ s scope of delivery.  Monica was able to make purchasing recommendations that fit our needs and guided us to make sure Intuit provides for us all the services they have available to QB users. She is readily available to any questions we may have and she actively researches other software that dovetails into QB to be sure her clients have access to and make the right purchases to run their business. We have enjoyed our alliance with Monica and have and will continue to recommend her in the future. “

Mike Kukol
Horizon Landscape

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