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  • Do you experience frustration or confusion with QuickBooks?
  • Are you having to track job costing information in too many places?
  • Does it take too long to get job costing information?
  • Do you question the accuracy of your reports?
  • Do you wish you could get your QuickBooks work done faster?

If you are experiencing any of those frustrations, we can help!  Since 1996, we’ve taught clients how to get their work done faster, gather job cost data so they can estimate better, improve their cash flow, and increase profits on their jobs.

Perhaps your business is missing out on great information that will help you make more money and quicker business decisions. As a fellow business owner, we understand the importance getting decision-critical reports you need to manage and grow your business. We can even make some of those reports only one click away!

As an Intuit Premier Reseller we save you money with our discounts on QuickBooks, Intuit add-ons and other products helpful for contractors.

Here’s what our clients have to say:

“… Monica really helped me with job costing techniques such as setting up estimates, posting employee’s times against jobs (estimates), entering material costs against jobs and getting an overall look at how we are doing with jobs on an individual basis. Monica also helped with our tracking our employee’s times more precise by using the time sheets on QuickBooks. This has really improved our payroll day each week as it has saved a lot of time… ”
Carol Hudson
J. Holtz & Son, Inc

“The first time I contacted Monica, I learned more from her in one week, than I did all year trying to figure it out for myself! … I could have saved almost $5k in labor costs and been working on something else entirely, MAKING money, instead of wasting money…I have to realize that my time is better spent making money and letting her tell me how to track it for the various complicated scenarios I face…. Before Monica, I was lost and confused. Now I have no fear. I ask questions, they get answered. And that is the core of any success story.”

Cynthia Stull,  CEO 
Trident Alliance Corporation

“It’s hard to find a QuickBooks consultant to deal with the contracting business. Monica was the fourth consultant I hired and she was able to fix all the problems the other consultants caused.”
Christina Mayhew
Preferred Construction/Beach House Miracles

“I can’t overstate the value that of knowledgeable insight that Monica has shed to our business. She is very thorough with answering questions and researching the best possible solution for the case in hand. Her effective tips and suggestions have made the accounting more efficient and productive. This has allowed us to be more diligent with our time to allow proficient billing.”
Mary B. Ball, Office Administrator
JB Interiors, Inc.

“Monica Muir has been THE most influential piece of my business since she has worked with Apple Landscaping, Inc…. My company clearly would not be in the position it is in today, in terms of market share and financial stability, without her analysis and advice. ”
David Apple
Apple Landscaping, Inc.

“Her explanations of how the system works and its many uses were clear and easily followed. I am always impressed with Monica’s knowledge of QuickBooks and her competent, common-sense approach. She is a true professional. Her knowledge, expertise and professionalism are refreshing and she has the skill set to deal with people of all skill levels; including me. … Simply stated, Monica is committed to the small business owner’s success!”
Denise H. Gotthardt
BEACON Commercial Construction, Inc.

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