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It’s time I reached out more and share solutions to common and not so common QuickBooks issues.  I’d love to hear from you – what questions or issues you’re having in QuickBooks.  With so many reaching to the Internet for answers because it’s convenient and inexpensive, I’d like to be a source of answers when it comes to QuickBooks.  I’ve worked in QuickBooks since 1996. So while that wasn’t the first QuickBooks version, it was a DOS version and I have seen so many changes over the years.  I take the time to certify in each of the QuickBooks products- Pro/Premier (I have the Advanced certification designation), Point of Sale and Enterprise. I’ve had opportunities to work with clients in many different types of businesses.  Every industry has its own unique needs and uses in QuickBooks, but there are also many common problems. We find a way to make QuickBooks a more productive tool, fix problems, and have it act as a business management tool. Where necessary, we look for a third party package to handle special needs. So, drop me a line and let me know what’s on your mind.  The new version of QuickBooks (Pro, Premier & Enterprise) is rolling out and the new version of Cash Register Plus and Point of Sale (Basic, Pro, and Multi-store) will be following soon, so I’ll share what’s new and what I like (or maybe don’t like).  Until next time!

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