Quick and Easy View of Important Financial Information in QuickBooks

As a business owner, I just love the new expanded company snapshot (or dashboard) in QuickBooks 2010.   They say a picture is worth a thousand words and being able to see your numbers visually often shows trends or makes comparisons simpler and frequently they just jump out for you.  Not that you can’t find this information from the report center in QuickBooks, but to have it all in 1 place so readily available makes sure I do look at them.  I did find that I added graphs to the original dashboard; that ability is also new.   In the upper left-hand corner of the company snapshot is a hyperlink to Add Content. 

You then get a selection of additional content you can put in your dashboard.

If you look closely, you’ll notice that there are 12 different items you can have on the dashboard, but the screen shows only 4 at a time.

Another nice feature is you can drag the “boxes” containing your graph or information, and move it around.  So if you want income information all in one place or trends all in one place – it’s up to you.  I chose to organize my information. 

The Company Snapshot is available to any user who has access and the user can customize their own view of the graphs based on their permissions; i.e. if a user does not have access to certain information, they won’t be able to view it in the dashboard.

I’d love to hear which items you have on your snapshot and if you have a favorite.   ‘Til next time.

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