Are You Missing Out on Useful QuickBooks Features?

I was at a client site recently who was using QuickBooks Pro 2010.  Upon learning more about his business (wholesale/distribution), I let him know of some features that are in Premier that might be useful to him, such as a Sales Orders and the Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet.  Not only did he want to go ahead now  and get the product because it would be so much more helpful, but because I’m a ProAdvisor, I was able to help him get the product at a great deal.

Another client was doing payroll in-house but using an old Intuit product.  For about the same price (actually less for the first year because of my ProAdvisor pricing) we were able to move her into a newer one that gave her e-filing capability (she didn’t even know that was an option), state reports, and will make payroll easier for her.

Unless QuickBooks is your business,  you probably  don’t keep up with all the features, versions and prodcuts (including 3rd party packages) that are out there, much less which ones would be useful for your business.  So, you could be missing out on a feature, product or service that would make your QuickBooks life easier or better.  This is a good time of year to review your current setup with someone who knows QuickBooks and supporting products.  A QuickBooks ProAdvisor or Intuit Solution Provider can help you navigate the myriad of options and frequently get you better prices than you could do on your own.

What change have you made in the last year with QuickBooks that proved helpful to your business?

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