Emails – Phishing or Intuit

I’ve seen at least 3 different phishing emails in the last few months that look like they’re from Intuit, but are not. Fortunately, a couple clients have checked with me first and in the cases where I received them, I checked with Intuit first.

So how do you know if this is phishing or legitimate?  Look at who sent the email.  If it says it’s from Intuit but you don’t see, then don’t trust it.  Sometimes links or email addresses may look legitimate, but the web address (or URL) underneath, is not actually from Intuit.  So don’t be afraid to ask someone about the email before opening it or clicking on a link.

Another consideration when evaluating if this is phishing or legitimate, read what the email is asking you to do. Intuit will not ask you to download tools or enter account information, so if the email is requesting your account information or that you download something, then get suspicious. 

If you have an email that you are suspicious about, don’t click on the links. Forward it to or contact us and we’ll talk to Intuit for you.

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