Year End Review

Review Options

Calendar or fiscal year-end can be a good time to review other services – whether you need them, need to upgrade or downgrade or need others. 

Payroll – This is a good time to evaluate if you want to do all of your payroll, including payroll taxes, outsource the tax payments and filings or outsource all of your payroll.  Intuit has several types of payroll services and of course there are many good third party options. We’ll be happy to help you look at the pros/cons of different options and assist with the transition.  If you use one of the Intuit payroll services, or decide to, work through a QuickBooks ProAdvisor; they can often help get setup fees waived or reduced as well as possible  reductions on other fees.

Merchant Services – If you accept credit cards, merchant services is worth reviewing – especially if your sales have increased.  Rates can be negotiated. If you have not looked at the Intuit Merchant Services, I encourage you to do so.  They will discount rates from what you see online if you are working with a ProAdvisor.  They will also discount more depending on volume of activity.  With Intuit’s Merchant Services, reconciliation is greatly simplified – that can be reason enough to change.

 Online Billing Services – If you use Intuit’s Merchant Services, then you can use Intuit’s Billing Solutions (monthy fee). This feature can be a nice time-saver and encourages faster payment from customers/clients.  With this service, when you email your invoice to your client, there is a secure website they can click on view/pay on their account.  They see only their account and the website contains your company name. You receive an email when they pay with instructions on how to handle the payment in QuickBooks (it’s very simple)!   

 QuickBooks Version – Intuit supports 3 years, so in May they will “sundown” QuickBooks 2007.  Doesn’t mean 2007 won’t work, but if you use payroll or email reports, invoices, or statements, those features in 2007 will no longer work.  In addition to the year, this would be a good time to see if you need to move to a different QuickBooks (e.g. Online, Premier, or Enterprise). The November newsletter had highlights of the new features in 2010 and we can provide demos if you want.    

So, what changes will you be making in QuickBooks this year?

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