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One of the aspects I like about QuickBooks is the ability to create so many different reports – and so easily.  However, there are those times when one of their reports just doesn’t quite give me the information I want in a format I want.  While I can take the time to create a custom report, why bother when one already exists that I can access?  In fact, just last week I used this site for a client of mine.

QuickBooks has a library of report templates that you can download and import into your own QuickBooks.  This time of year, a report clients frequently ask about is finding all payments made to vendors – sometimes a check was written, but sometimes the bill payment feature was used, so they won’t all show up in the vendor reports.   Below is a report template website – you can scroll through their list and see if some might be useful to you. 


Should you find a report that you want, click on the download button and save it – just remember where!  Some people use their desktop, some people have a folder for downloads, some have a QuickBooks folder – whatever works for you.

Then, in QuickBooks, click on Reports on the menu bar, then Memorized Reports, Memorized Report List  (or click on the Report Center, then click on Memorized Reports List).  At the bottom of the list or screen, you’ll see a button that says Memorized Report.  When you click on it, select Import Template, then select the report you downloaded.  Once it’s downloaded, all you need to do is double-click to get it to run!

Just an FYI, for those of you who  have more than once company, notice you can export report templates. So, if you have a report in one company you want to use in another company, highlight the report you want to export, then click on Memorized Report, Export Template. Save it.  Open your other company and import just as you did earlier!

Let me know what reports you liked in the report library.

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