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Thanks for the Memorizations – Saving Time in QuickBooks

There are many ways to save time in QuickBooks, but today I’d like to discuss saving time by memorizing transactions.  Memorized transactions can be a very powerful tool – in some cases, the time savings can be very significant.  I … Continue reading

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Using Point of Sale to Reduce Loss in Retail

Retail industry statistics show that 3-5% of inventory is “lost” annually.  If you sell $500,000 in a year, that’s $15,000 – $25,000 out of your business!  Experts estimate 50% of that loss is due to shoplifting, 30% from employee theft … Continue reading

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Save Time with Add/Edit List Entries

Now that QuickBooks 2010 has been out for a while and I’ve had the chance to use it for my own business as well as assist others with their QuickBooks, I’m finding that I’m becoming a fan of the Add/Edit … Continue reading

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