Save Time with Add/Edit List Entries

Now that QuickBooks 2010 has been out for a while and I’ve had the chance to use it for my own business as well as assist others with their QuickBooks, I’m finding that I’m becoming a fan of the Add/Edit List Entries.  If you ever need to do some clean up or verify which records need updating, this is a great feature.  I’ve been surprised at the number of times I’ve used it and recommended the feature to a client.   This feature lets you work in the list similarly to a spreadsheet, so you can see the fields that you want, in the order you want, and edit right in that list instead of having to edit each individual record (a big time saver).  I also like the Copy Down option when in this screen.  So, if every item needs to go to the same cost of goods account or income account, you can simply enter the correct account for one, then have it copy down to the end of the list.  If there’s a problem with an entry, QuickBooks lets you know when you try to save it and shows you which record has a problem and where.

Some other examples of when you might need to use it:

  • Changes in tax settings or rates, so you want to verify and/or correct existing customer records
  • Want to know quickly which customers or vendors are missing an email or part of their address and edit.
  • Making sure custom fields have data
  • Importing data – now you can just copy from Excel and paste into QuickBooks – could be a customer mailing list, inventory, or vendor list. 

For those of you in working in 2010, what’s your favorite QuickBooks feature?

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