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I must admit, while I fight technology in some ways (like with my cell phone), I really enjoy it in other ways.  I recently signed up for Intuit’s Check Solutions.  Now, I can simply scan in a check (or a batch of checks) when payment comes in the mail – no more having to go to the bank to make a deposit and I get the funds in just a day or two (except for holidays and weekends).  I can even accept check information from a client over the phone and enter that as a payment – no more “check is in the mail” or waiting for the mailman to deliver.  Intuit is not the only company that offers this service.  Most banks offer it, so you can certainly check with your banker and see what their deal it.   What I like about the Intuit solution is that it’s integrated in my software.  So, once the check is scanned, it searches for the customer & invoice and matches the check image so it is stored with the payment. I don’t have to make a photocopy either – the image and transaction information is stored with the payment.  So, with a click of the mouse, I can view the check again or the details of the transaction – definitely environmentally friendly.  It’s also less expensive than credit cards – there’s a monthly fee and a per transaction fee, but not a percent of the amount of the payment as with credit cards.

Here’s the link for the Intuit Check Solution:

I would love to hear if you use a check solution and how you like it.

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