Save Time with Item Groups

Last time I briefly mentioned using Groups as a timesaving technique with invoices and reports.  Today I’d like to discuss Item Groups.

An Item Group is a handy way to enter several items at once.  For instance, a company that installs doors might have a standard list of items (door, door knob, installation).  A builder or remodeler might list the different components of the job – permits, framing, siding, doors, trim, electric, plumbing and so on. Or, perhaps when a customer buys a cell phone, they can have the option to buy an accessory package including car charger, wall charger, and case/carrier. Groups are actually a type of item and the items in the group need to already exist in your item list.   

To create an Item Group, go to your Items list (click on List, Item List or click on the Items & Services icon on the home page), then right-click and select New Item.  From the types of items, select Group.  Give it a name and a description that you would want to appear on an invoice/sales receipt.  If you want all the items to show on the printed invoice, click on the box (Print Items in Group), otherwise leave blank. Then, select the items you want in the group and the quantity.  You can choose to sell at the combined price or give it a different price.  You can change quantities, pricing and which items in the group you use on any given invoice/sales receipt.  One note: if these are inventory items, it does not remove them from inventory, it simply is a fast way to enter several items at once.

Depending on the complexity of the group and the number of groups you create, this can be a nice time saving technique.

I’d be interested in hearing what items you group together in your business.

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