A Change for the Better

Is it time to make a change?  Intuit supports only 3 years of products. This doesn’t mean the older products won’t work, but you will lose the ability to use some features like payroll (if you use Intuit), emailing invoices/statements/reports,   merchant services (if you use Intuit) and Intuit tech support won’t help.  So, after May 31, the 2007 products will be “sundowned”.  Frequently businesses just order the current version of what they have, but this is actually a good time to see if you might want to make some changes.

For some, it’s simply a matter of changing the number of licenses. I have had clients need fewer licenses or more.

Are you in Pro, Premier, or Enterprise?  You may decide that you need a different version. Some users step down from Enterprise or Premier, because they now have a 3rd party package that addresses more of their needs. Perhaps you need more features or the power of a higher version.  Premier comes with additional reports geared for specific industries, which can be very helpful.    Enterprise gives you the ability to have a bigger lists (more customers, more vendors, more items), more users (up to 30), tighter control over user access (this is a HUGE difference), more custom fields, the ability to control the type of data in the custom fields (such as date format or a drop down  list), to name just  a few features.

With Premier and Enterprise, you can pick an industry.  I had a client this year move from Pro to Premier because they wanted the features in the Wholesale/Distribution and weren’t  even aware of this option and what it had to offer until I met with them. I have other clients that sometimes change from one industry version into another.  Sometimes I put them in the accountant’s edition so they have access to reports from multiple editions and they can always toggle to their favorite edition to use specific features.

For some clients, remote access is important, perhaps moving into Online QuickBooks is a solution. Price is very reasonable and your data file can be converted. Some of my clients have happily  moved in that direction.  However, the Online QuickBooks does not have all the functionality of the desktop version. For instance you can’t do job/project costing or work well with inventory or multi-currency, in which case the solution may be to use the desktop version of QuickBooks on a remote server. 

And while you’re changing, then it might be worth evaluating other components, like payroll. If you currently do all the payroll,  are you taking advantage of the e-pay feature?  I’ve had some clients in a payroll version no longer being sold, and for only a couple dollars more, they have a payroll with much more capability.  For some, maybe it’s time to outsource who makes the payroll tax payments – perhaps your accountant or maybe you’d like Intuit’s Assisted Payroll (I have a great contact for that if you’re interested).

Are you using Intuit’s merchant services?  Maybe it’s time to have them re-evaluate your rates, assuming business has been growing.  If you’re using someone else for merchant services, maybe it’s time to compare rates.  Or perhaps you are interested in learning about some of the other ways to get paid (like via cell phones) or e-commerce.  There are several types of merchant services, so it’s always a good idea to talk with someone to see if there could be a more efficient way to do some of your tasks (I have a great contact for merchant services, too, if you’d like more information).

Since I use Intuit’s merchant services, I get a discounted rate on their check -scanning (I don’t have to make trips to the bank anymore!) and I use Intuit’s Billing Solutions so clients can pay me online.

The Intuit website has information on all their different products, so you can certainly go there to check it out.  If you prefer to discuss all the different options with one person, I’ll be happy to assist.

Let me know if you made a change and how it was better!

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