Timesaving Tips Pt. 1

This afternoon I’ve been working on my next newsletter and the theme is Productivity.  (Having my cat sit in front of my monitor does not help me be more productive, but I like her company and she eventually goes back to her basket on my desk.)  I focused on what I consider to be some of the more powerful timesaving techniques in QuickBooks for the newsletter. But I must admit there are many other tips and tricks that save time, so I thought I’d mention just a few of them in my next couple of blogs.

Customize your toolbar. Some people assume that because I work with software that I’m patient on the computer – quite the opposite.  It’s “how fast can I do this”…  So, I like features 1 click away.  To customize the toolbar, right-click and select  Customize Icon Bar. You’ll see your current list (you can take them off or re-name or re-organize them if you want).  You can also click on Add and you’ll find many more options to add.  Two of my favorites include the calculator (I never did master the adding machine), and Find Transactions.  Click on OK after you’ve made your choices, then OK again to save.

A second way to customize the toolbar is to add particular windows.  For example, both my checking account and business credit card are on my toolbar. Simply open the register, then click on View, Add  ” (whatever window you have open) ” to Icon Bar.  Just a quick note if it’s a register – it will open it in way you currently have it open.  Personally, I like the one line display, so I had to be sure to be in that view before I added it.  You can also put a memorized report on your icon bar. I have unbilled time and a  custom P & L report.

So what features would you like 1 click away?  I’d love to hear!

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