To Outsource Payroll or Keep In-House – That is the Question Pt. 2

Last time, I discussed why you might want to outsource all or part of your payroll processing. Today, I’d like to take a look at what options you have.

  • You can completely outsource payroll.  There are times when it’s best just to let someone else handle it – they know it better and you have more productive work you could be doing. There are payroll companies and then you’ll find some bookkeepers and accountants also provide this service. Intuit just brought back their Complete Payroll.   My contact for Complete is Brian Green – he’ll take good care of you.  (800) 332-4844 x87728
  • Outsource the payroll taxes and filing tax forms – If you find payroll taxes confusing or simply don’t want to handle them, this is a nice compromise.   Again, bookkeepers and accountants sometimes offer this service and Intuit has Assisted Payroll, so with a click, your payroll information is uploaded to them and they take it from there.  Brian Green is my contact for this, too.
  • Completely in-house. If you go this route, you want the Enhanced Payroll.  In addition to the tax tables, you have the ability to print out all the payroll tax forms prefilled with your data (so much easier than having to manually calculate and fill them out). You can also e-file taxes and forms right from inside of QuickBooks – you don’t need to go to the respective websites.  If you are interested in this, let me know so I can get you my ProAdvisor rate.

Next time, I’ll discuss what to look for when evaluating costs.

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