Timesaving Tips Pt. 2

Last time, I wrote about customizing your toolbar, so it becomes a more useful tool for you, not some generic user.  Today I have a few more tips.

Find – one of my favorite features!  Last time I mentioned I like this on the toolbar, but it’s not on my – I put it on my clients’ toolbars so they can find.  I’m a keyboard person so I use Ctrl-F to open the Find window.  And, since I’m frequently troubleshooting, Find is a good friend of mine.  Find can search through transactions much faster than you’ll ever be able to. You can look for a particular dollar amount (this is probably the most commonly used), a number (like a check or invoice number), all transactions for a particular name, and so on. You can have multiple search criteria and once QuickBooks finds the transactions, you can double-click on an actual transaction or you can click on report to see all of them in an easier format

Open Window List – I constantly have multiple windows open in QuickBooks – could be a check register, a report, the customer center…..If you click on View, Open Window List, the list will appear on the left. Then the screen you want is simply a click away (remember last time I said I like to click just once to get to my screen!).

Window – The default setting for QuickBooks is to have multiple windows (small) on your screen. Personally I don’t like that because I’m frequently having to resize them to see the part I need.  So, you can click on View, One Window and the window will resize to fit your monitor (most times).  However, if you have a large monitor you  may prefer to keep with multiple windows, but you have the space to have somewhat large windows open side by side so you have what you need.  If you click on Window, you can tile vertically, horizontally or have cascading windows.

Close All – If you have several windows open at once, you can click on Window, Close All – those windows will close much faster than you’ll close them!

Desktop – And last for today,  if you are going to have a few windows open, then I suggest that you click on Edit, Preferences, and Desktop View (on the left side).  Select Don’t save the desktop.  If you save the desktop, QuickBooks will have to load every window/report you had open last time you were in QuickBooks.  If you don’t have the Open Window list showing, you might be surprised just how many are open. I was once at a client site and I’ll bet he had over 20 windows open (mostly reports).  Took awhile for his to be able to start working in QuickBooks.

So how many of these did you know? Which ones do you use?

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