Timesaving Tips Pt. 4

Okay – last set of keystroke tips and then next time it’s an entirely different topic!

The Esc key  closes whatever window you’re in

Pop-up calculator – hit an operator(+,-,*,/) when you’re in a numeric field and voila – up pops a calculator –  now you don’t need to copy & paste your answer!

The date shortcuts below you can use whenever you’re in a date field.  I find that they are frequently faster than  using the calendar. If you keep pressing the same key, it continues in the same direction (i.e. hitting the + multiple times keeps moving forward in time, pressing M multiple times keeps taking you to an earlier month). The letters are not case-sensitive, either.

Date Shortcuts

Next day


Previous day



Same date in previous week


Same date in next week


Same date in last month


Same date in next month

First day of the Week


Last day of the weeK


First day of the Month


Last day of the montH


First day of the Year


Last day of the yeaR


I think my favorite date shortcut is T for today.  What’s yours?

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