Extending the Capabilities of QuickBooks – Part 4

In my first blog on Method, I mentioned that there are limitations to what you can do in QuickBooks and that frequently a third-party software package can be the answer. The beauty of Method Integration, if you bump up to their full-blown package,  is you can address several different areas of shortcomings in QuickBooks with just one solution and customize to suit your unique business. With the first level , you have remote access to QuickBooks, which many businesses want, some customization abilities, and you need only 1 license of QuickBooks but could have more than 5 users. The next level up is Method CRM which gives you sales and case management capabilities. With the full-blown level of Method Integration, you not only get remote access and Method CRM, but industry specific applications (Method Warehouse and Method Field Services) and the ability to customize in awesome ways, which is today’s discussion.

Method full-blown is a free-form database on the web that is already integrated with QuickBooks.  For those who have done any programming, like in Microsoft Access, you will know and appreciate these features. You can

  • Add an unlimited number of tables and fields
  • Create and customize data entry forms based on custom or pre-built tables and fields
  • Create actions that affect  what happens in the software.

So let me give you some examples of how this might work for you. It was in seeing examples that really made me fully appreciate just all that Method can do with QuickBooks.

  • You could have a sales rep log into Method and see only their customers or the contacts in their territory
  • You can have invoices put on hold until a supervisor reviews them before going into QuickBooks
  • You can create pop-up messages for users – this could be instructions or notify the user that they did not fill in a required field, or a welcome message.
  • You could create a time entry screen that would have a calendar where they could choose to date a timer that they could start and stop as they work on a project
  • When a user clicks a button, you can determine where they go next by the command underlying the button.
  • Sometimes, when customizing invoices, you need to have certain information for your customer and can’t achieve that through the normal QuickBooks invoice screen. With Method you could have additional fields and additional calculations and put this information where you want on the invoice.
  • You can have your clients login to a screen you customized for them. They might be able to enter issues that they are having or view payment records with you.

I must admit that programming isn’t for me.  But, I like to customize screens to suit my purposes.   There are resources that can do the programming for you or perhaps you have staff that could do this.   There’s so much that can be done with just this one package (instead of using multiple packages). And, from a QuickBooks consulting end, I do like knowing that there are audit trails and we can keep users out of QuickBooks and away from accounting areas that don’t pertain to their job description.   Method also offers a free trial, so you can see how it could work in your situation.  So check it out!


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