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QuickBooks’ Frustrations

Most of my clients come my way because they’ve experienced some type of confusion or frustration with QuickBooks. Recently, I’ve spent some time helping a client move from Online QuickBooks to Desktop QuickBooks. Although both are QuickBooks products, there are many differences. Just ask anyone who’s seen both! Personally, I much prefer the desktop version because it has so many more features, some to help me troubleshoot, which I frequently need to do frequently with my clients. Continue reading

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Using Multiple Units of Measure in Point of Sale

A great feature in QuickBooks Point of Sale is Multiple Units of Measure. This can keep your Items list more manageable, simplify data entry, and reports can be more meaningful. Here’s how it works. Let’s say you sell light bulbs – individually, in packs of 3, or packs of 12. Without multiple units of measure, you would need 3 different items in your Items list – one for the individual, one for the pack of 3, and one for the pack of 12. But you have to buy by the case, which contains 48. So, you if you ordered 5 cases (240 widgets), how would you receive it into inventory? Do you receive them all into the individual or do you break it out between the different selling units? What happens if you don’t allocate the way you end up selling them? As you can see, this can be confusing and very cumbersome. And, relying on someone to calculate how many to order or receive might have some problems as well. Continue reading

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Matching in Register Mode – Online Banking Pt. 2

I had two clients call me last month with questions regarding the Online Banking feature, so it’s not always that simple. There are actually two different ways you can match these transactions (if you’re in 2009 or higher) with what is in your register, and I used both methods with both clients. I recently blogged about the newer method (Side-by-Side Mode). Today I want to discuss the other method – Register Mode. Continue reading

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Matching Side by Side – Online Banking Pt. 1

Two clients in the last two weeks called me with questions regarding the Online Banking feature so I’d like to explain how you use this feature. This does not replace doing a bank reconciliation, but it does help you track cash flow – you know what’s cleared and what has not. And, it can catch problems before month-end if you check this periodically (weekly, every two weeks… I have some that do a daily). This can also be a faster way to add some transactions into your banking registers. Continue reading

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Time for a Change…

If you write your own blog, then you are used to dealing with “What do I write about today or this week?” If you don’t, then you may not realize that sometimes it’s a challenge to come up with a topic. Now I’ll be the first to admit that there are a ton of features and issues and questions that come with QuickBooks. And for whatever reason, my mind will go blank when it’s time to write. I usually look at what issues my clients have had in the past week or two to give me some ideas for topics. Sometimes the issue is trying to condense the topic so fits into one blog or else expand upon it so I can write multiple blogs from it, sometimes it’s just easier to show than to write about it and sometimes it’s just that I much prefer talking & showing to writing (I’ll have to work on some videos)! But I’m going to try something different. Continue reading

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