QuickBooks’ Frustrations

Most of my clients come my way because they’ve experienced some type of confusion or frustration with QuickBooks. Recently, I’ve spent some time helping a client move from Online QuickBooks to Desktop QuickBooks.  Although both are QuickBooks products, there are many differences. Just ask anyone who’s seen both!  Personally, I much prefer the desktop version because it has so many more features, some to help me troubleshoot, which I frequently need to do frequently with my clients.  For those who have worked in the desktop version for quite some time, you find many limitations, such as

  • You can’t right-click to get a pop-up menu of QuickBooks tasks
  • You can’t invoice for only some items on an estimate
  • The find feature is much more limited
  • Customizing Reports is different
  • You can’t have multiple QB windows open
  • You can’t do job costing

However, if you’ve worked in Online, you also have frustrations – and I’m hearing about them!

  • How you invoice, print & email is different
  • How you enter and use charges for time & material invoices is different; you enter both in the same place and you
  • How you pay sales tax is different
  • Payroll is very different

As with most changes, it takes you longer to get a task done in the interim, which is frustrating in a busy office. The two programs were written by two different development teams and the end-users in mind are different. Online users have much simpler accounting needs, no inventory or job costing, yet want remote access. They don’t have to worry about backups or version upgrades and the pricing is good. The desktop version fits many more industries, allows more users, more customization, more reporting, and more access control.

There was  a reason for the switch, so focus on how this new version will help you and look for features you like that other program did not.

So, what frustrations have you experienced recently in QuickBooks?

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