Time for a Change…

If you write your own blog, then you are used to dealing with “What do I write about today or this week?” If you don’t, then you may not realize that sometimes it’s a challenge to come up with a topic. Now I’ll be the first to admit that there are a ton of features and issues and questions that come with QuickBooks. And for whatever reason, my mind will go blank when it’s time to write. I usually look at what issues my clients have had in the past week or two to give me some ideas for topics. Sometimes the issue is trying to condense the topic so it fits into one blog or else expand upon it so I can write multiple blogs from it, sometimes it’s just easier to show than to write about it and sometimes it’s just that I much prefer talking & showing to writing (I’ll have to work on some videos)! But I’m going to try something different.

It’s been suggested that if you have a schedule, then blogging becomes easier. And I’m all for making blogging faster and easier, yet making it worth your time to read. So what I’m going to try, at least for a couple months, is to have a schedule of topics. So for the first week it will be some QuickBooks topic (surprise surprise) and the second week I’ll have a couple blogs –  one specifically for QuickBooks Point of Sale and another again regarding QuickBooks.

The third week, I’ll write about an add-on product or service. Many users have found that there is an area within QuickBooks that’s not as strong as they would like or need for their particular business. There are countless products and services out there that integrate with QuickBooks depending on the need and on the industry. So I’d like to have a chance to discuss these in hopes that it will do a couple things (1)-open your eyes to possible solutions to help your QuickBooks fit your needs better and (2) help you evaluate some of what is out there. (There really are some cool products around the market now to complement QuickBooks!)

The fourth week will be a much more subjective blog –  it may be comments on issues or opinions on recent observations, but it won’t be technical. (I’m still working on a name for that week). For the months where we have a fifth week then I will go back and write another article on QuickBooks since that’s what most if not all of you are using. So I’d be happy to hear her what your thoughts are on different topics and I’m always welcome to suggestions on questions or issues they you might like to see written.

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