Is it Time to Upgrade?

The new version of QuickBooks is out and I’ll be highlighting some of the new features in upcoming articles.  The question clients frequently ask is, Is it time to upgrade? The answer, of course, depends. So, ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I using features in QuickBooks that will no longer be supported (like Merchant Services or Payroll)?  Intuit supports only 3 years.  While the software will continue to work, some features will stop. Also, there will be no more product updates and if you need to call Intuit for support, they won’t help.  So, for the 2011 products rolling out, the versions that will no longer be supported effective May 31, 2011 are:

QuickBooks Pro & Premier 2008

Enterprise Solutions V8.0

  • Will any of the new features save time or solve pain points?  Also think about how long it takes you now to get the answers and factor in what that costs the company, both in terms of dollars and time away from other pressing aspects of running or working in the business.
    • Create the same invoice for multiple customers at one time (batch invoicing)
    • Send invoices and estimates from Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail accounts
    • Auto apply vendor credits separate from vendor discounts (right now the choice is to either auto apply both or neither)
    • Improved Open PO report (can now see quantity received, backordered, and totals)
    • Can now select item for inventory adjustment rather than scrolling through list)
    • Default shipping address for vendors (can now be different than billing address)
    • Collections Center – easier to track receivables, make notes, call/email/write clients who are late
  • Has my business grown to the point that I need features the higher products offer, such as:
    • More users need access (the old Pro & Premier could do 5, Enterprise could do up to 30; the new version of Pro allows for only 3 users, but Premier can still handle 5)
    • Create sales orders and track backorders (available in Premier and Enterprise)
    • Have different pricing for different types of customers (available in Premier and Enterprise)
    • Have different billing rates depending on who is doing the service (available in Premier and Enterprise)
    • Have more custom fields (in Enterprise)
    • Control how data is entered in custom fields (drop down list, text, date, etc.) only in Enterprise
    • Forecast sales (available in Premier and Enterprise)
    • Larger lists (Pro & Premier have limits on size of lists)
    • Restrict user access to specific reports, accounts, lists, views and activities (available in Enterprise)
    • Track inventory in multiple locations (available in Enterprise)
    • Combine reports from multiple companies (available in Enterprise)
    • Work in 2 companies at 1 time (available only in Enterprise)

If you would like to see the new product, we’ll be happy to let you see a demo so you can make a more informed decision. We’ll also be happy to help you obtain the new product and assist in the transition into the new product should you decide it’s time to upgrade.

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