What’s New in 2011?

The new versions of Pro, Premier and Enterprise Solutions are out.  Here’s a partial list of new features in 2011.

Batch Invoicing – If you create the exact same invoice for multiple customers, in the past, you’ve had to create each individual invoice. Even if you used Memorized transactions, you still had to originally create the invoice. With Batch invoicing, you decide which customers are in a batch (you can have different batches and save them), then you create one invoice and QuickBooks will create that invoice for each customer in the batch. Can be a real nice timesaver!

Send invoices and estimates from your Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail accounts – In the past, you’ve had to either email through Outlook or Intuit’s email, but now you can use other email accounts.

Customer Snapshot – The Company Snapshot now has another tab – for Customers.  With this page, you can see history, average days to pay, outstanding balances, sales to date, etc. for any given customer.

Customer Collections Center – Unfortunately, most businesses have to deal with slow paying customers.  This new feature lists only those who are late (there’s also a tab for Almost Due), Days Overdue, contact information and a place to put notes.   FYI: You can also now have a column for Overdue (color dots to indicate Almost Due or Overdue) and Days Overdue in the Customer Center.

Transaction History – When creating invoices or entering bills, a transaction history pane now appears to your right. The Customer pane will show recent transactions, Open Balance, Active Estimates, Open Sales Orders, Unbilled Time & Expenses, Notes, and a link to edit the customer. The Vendor pane shows recent transactions, Open Balance, Open PO’s, Notes, and a link to edit the vendor.

New or Improved Reports – Average Days to Pay (how long on average for your customers to pay you), Purchase Order Summary (now includes a column for quantity and open balance) and Purchase Order Detail (includes columns for received and backordered as well as totals).

Just a reminder, QuickBooks will shutdown 2008 May 31, 2011, which means no more support or updates, and you won’t be able to process payroll or use Intuit’s Merchant Services unless you upgrade.

I’ll be happy to assist with your upgrade or let you see it in action.

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