Update on Point-Of-Sale 10.0

I recently wrote saying I was disappointed with Intuit’s new version of Point-Of-Sale 10.0. In fact, I said I would not recommend the product to my clients. Intuit took the time to listen to many of us Intuit Solution Providers; we let them know what features we felt were important to keep in the software. Recently, Intuit came out with a new patch (R5) that addresses several of the issues we had with the new version (like being able to add more columns to a sales receipt, customize columns, or being able to write more in a description field). We also found that some of the features we liked were either “buried” in the software or we found work-arounds to get those features. Intuit is still planning on a major patch to be released in January that will address more of the issues that we found, but I’m not sure that everything we want fixed will be fixed in version 10. I expect version 11 to be really good, though.

In the meantime, I have a client that will need to upgrade their current version of purchase Point-Of-Sale for this upcoming year.  That we even have a choice between version 9 and 10 is a first and I’m pleased that Intuit is working with us like this. My client and I will take a hard look at whether they will go with version 9 or with version 10.  I still much prefer 9 (I may change after I see the next patch for 10; new users love 10), but pricing may be a factor. Depending on the number of licenses and whether or not they need multiple locations, the dollars may dictate the solution.   I will let you know what we choose.

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