Update on QuickBooks Payroll Features

Year-end is a good time to evaluate your payroll options.  We did a series of articles on the different payroll options back in June, which might help you choose.  https://muirassoc.com/blog/?s=payroll

Right now, Intuit is offering some nice deals on payroll, so it’s worth reviewing.

If you process payroll in QuickBooks using either Basic, Enhanced or Assisted, and use QuickBooks 2009 or higher, you will love this new product – ViewMyPaycheck.  With this new feature, employees can view their paychecks any time on the Internet, see summaries, charts, and can even view and print out their W-2’s if you want.  Best of all, this new feature is FREE!

When you process your payroll, you are prompted to upload the data to ViewMyPaycheck , so no one actually has access to your QuickBooks.  You control who can view their paycheck by “inviting” them via email with instructions on how to set up an Intuit account and access their payroll information. They have access to only their own data, no one else’s.  To see a demo, get more information or to sign up, click on this link below.


Reviews so far have been great.  I’d love to hear what you think about it.

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  1. David Leary says:

    Thanks for the great blog post about ViewMyPaycheck.

    Here are a few more useful links:
    http://www.viewmypaycheck.com (main site with video demo)
    viewmypaycheck.com/reviews (reviews from customers)
    viewmypaycheck.com/contact (ways to contact the team)
    facebook.com/viewmypaycheck (check out the video testimonials)


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