A Note from Monica

I know it’s been quite some time since I’ve posted. I haven’t been ill – I’ve had a very active first half of the year and continue to stay busy.  I hope you have experienced the same upswing I have.

I’ve also been working on many aspects of my business, including an upcoming webinar series on job costing.  Details will be following soon!

And lastly, I recently returned from a QuickBooks conference in Las Vegas – my first time ever there.  You’re probably thinking that I spent my time gambling, taking in the shows and all that Vegas has to offer. Actually, the conference was located about 10 miles from the strip and it was a very full 3 days (and evenings) where I attended workshops, exchanged ideas and information with other consultants and met vendors with products that integrate with QuickBooks.  You’ll be hearing about some of what I learned in upcoming postings.  But I will admit that I did fly out a day early so my sister and I could take our mother to see Phantom of the Opera – great performance and we had fun together shopping, dining and seeing the dolphins and big cats (white tigers, lions and others) at the Mirage.

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