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I’m all about streamlining the workflow when it comes to QuickBooks – it minimizes data entry errors and saves time and money. I’ve started using a new service for invoicing and receiving payments – Bill and Pay. I had been using Intuit’s Billing Solutions, which I still like, but clients have to pay by credit card. Intuit did add a new service, the Intuit Payment Network, so clients can pay by check, but it wasn’t so simple to setup (since I already had Billing Solutions) and not as easy to explain to clients since it was two different services. However, still do-able. After hearing about Bill and Pay, though, I realized Bill and Pay offered features that Intuit’s services did not and I could still use the Intuit Merchant Services, so I switched. So here are a few reasons why:

  • Bill and Pay has better integration (that was a real surprise) – I don’t even have to open QuickBooks to receive payments – that saves time!
  • You can use Bill and Pay to help you stay on top of your receivables by sending reminder emails (automatically) – when the invoice is almost due and when it’s past due; it’s not automatic in QuickBooks and you can have only 1 template stored. You can choose how many days before and after the due date – I can’t do that with QuickBooks.
  • If you accept credit cards, it’s important to stay PCI compliant – especially with credit card fraud on the increase. This is one reason why QuickBooks will have you change your password every 90 days. With Bill and Pay, the credit card information is stored at Bill and Pay, not in your QuickBooks, so you’ve added another layer of protection for both your business and your customers.
  • While you can set QuickBooks and merchant services to automatically charge a credit card monthly it has to be the same amount every month. However, with Bill and Pay, the amount can vary as long as you have your customer’s approval.

I will admit that it took a little time to do all the setup in Bill and Pay, but they keep adding more improvements. One I really like is the ability to use the QuickBooks template. For those who have customized their invoice and/or have multiple invoices, this is a nice change.

As before, paying online saves both you and your client time and postage.

And, if clients pay by ACH (check), you pay a flat check fee instead of a percent of the total invoice.

As a customer, you can view past invoices, view payment history, receive payment reminders, make a payment, and setup automatic recurring payments.

Because the invoice is online, you can pay even if you’re out of town.

If you are interested in using this service in your business with your customers, there is a video demo and FAQ’s at their website. You can try it for 30 days for free if you want to see what it’s like. Here’s all you do:

  1. Click here with your web browser.
  2. Click on Get Started, Free 30 day trial.
  3. Type in MuirAssoc for the invitation code – Bill and Pay will waive the setup fee and walk you through setting up.

Let me know if you need assistance or what you think of the product.

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