Learn the Keys to Good Job Costing in QuickBooks so You Can Increase Your Profitability

Are your job costing methods hurting your profitability? Are you overlooking some of your indirect costs or worse yet, are some direct costs falling through the cracks?  Is it taking longer than it should to enter job cost data and get good reliable reports?   The cost of doing job costing wrong or taking too long is more expensive than you realize.

In this tough economy, it’s more important than ever to have good data so you can bid competitively and make a decent profit.  However, when I meet with new clients or talk to contractors, I see how their lack of knowledge of how to do job costing in QuickBooks is costing their businesses lots of money.

So at the request of so many business owners, I’ve finally put together a program to teach businesses how to capture job cost data– correctly, completely, and more efficiently. Because I believe this is so important, I’m even offering a FREE webinar (seminar on the web).

5 Keys to Better Job Costing in QuickBooks so You Can Increase Your Profitability

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • 6 Common Problems Contractors Have
  • 4 Common Mistakes QuickBooks Users Make
  • 5 Keys to Increasing Your Job Profitability

Simply click on the link below to watch this FREE webinar.


Take advantage of the Early Bird Discount and save $100 off my new Mastering Job Costing in QuickBooks so You can Increase Your Profitability webinar series by signing up by midnight on Saturday, July 2, 2011.


I’m looking forward to helping your business make dollars and sense with QuickBooks!

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