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Increase Your Sales with Rewards

A free, often underutilized feature in Point of Sale is the Rewards Program. The Rewards Program is designed to help you encourage shoppers to be rewarded for shopping with you. This feature is turned on in the Customer Menu (Customers>Rewards Manager). Continue reading

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How Much Money Did that Generate?

When I meet with clients, we frequently discuss ways that they can use QuickBooks to help the analyze their business. One area is sales. While there are some built in sales reports in QuickBooks (Sales by Customer, Sales by Item, etc.) you can create more yourself by using custom fields. You might have a custom field for the source of the lead, region, industry, insurance, promo code, color, type of product or warranty. If you have not worked with custom fields before, you may want to check out the blogs that I’ve written. Continue reading

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Want Fries with Your Burger? The Fine Art of the Upsell

Restaurants do it beautifully. “Did you leave any room for dessert or coffee?”

At least one car rental company my client just visited did it obnoxiously. “Did you want insurance, gas, a GPS, or a toddler seat? Who will be responsible for the car if something happens to it? Oh by the way, it’s extra now for the steering wheel. And if you want it to go in reverse from 4PM to 5PM, that’s an extra charge, too.”
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Important: What You Should Know about Recent Update Patches

There are 2 patches I want to discuss – QuickBooks (Pro/Premier/Enterprise) 2011 R8 and Point of Sale V10 R10. Continue reading

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