How Much Money Did that Generate?

When I meet with clients, we frequently discuss ways that they can use QuickBooks to help the analyze their business.  One area is sales. While there are some built in sales reports in QuickBooks (Sales by Customer, Sales by Item, etc.) you can create more yourself by using custom fields.  You might have a custom field for the source of the lead, region, industry, insurance, promo code, color, type of product or warranty. If you have not worked with custom fields before, you may want to check out the blogs that I’ve written.

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But what many people do, and I hate to admit myself included (but not anymore), is enter the data in the Customer Center and/or Items List and then never use it. QuickBooks does not assume that because it’s in the Customer Center that it will automatically calculate dollars. So the key is to pull that field onto your invoices or your sales receipt. The Customer custom field goes on the header of an invoice and an item custom field becomes an additional column on an invoice. That field does not need to print on the invoice or receipt that your customer receives – just your internal copy.

As for reports, you can’t use the summary reports to get subtotals for your Custom Fields. But you can export this information to Excel and then get your subtotals. You can start with an existing detail report and then modify it to show the fields or columns that you want to see. Or you can create a Custom Transaction Detail Report (Reports>Custom Transaction Detail).

Decide how to total it (e.g. total, monthly, quarterly, customer, customer type, etc.)

Filter for sales (Transaction type might be Invoice, Item might be All Sales Items).  You might even want to filter on the custom field – perhaps for a specific region or marketing source or type of material.

You can sort by any column, which means pick the columns you want to see then choose how to sort (perhaps by the custom field so all like data will be together if you don’t filter).

If you have not looked at these reports before, I hope this gives you a helpful look into your business. If you want help with this, let me know.

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