Important: What You Should Know about Recent Update Patches

There are 2 patches I want to discuss – QuickBooks (Pro/Premier/Enterprise) 2011 R8 and Point of Sale V10 R10.

QuickBooks (Pro/Premier/Enterprise) 2011 R8 If you are in a 2011 version of Pro, Premier or Enterprise, press the F2 button and the first line on top will tell you what Release Patch you have installed.  It’s come to the attention of many QuickBooks consultants (and Intuit Tech Support), that there are some problems with this recent patch.  Normally, when Intuit creates a patch, it goes through testing before it’s released to the public. Then it’s available only by manual download for a while, to limit the number of problems in case something goes wrong. Then it becomes an automatic download.  Unfortunately, R8 made it to automatic before the problems got noticed.  I will say that I am currently in R8 and have seen only 1 small problem which has an easy solution.  The other issues also have resolutions.  So, if you started having problems after the patch was installed, let me know so I can help you.  If you have not installed R8, then I encourage you to wait until the next patch is out (and they are working on that).

POS V10 R10 – I’ll be the first to admit that POS V10 has needed fixing.  The good news is that Intuit has listened to many of us and has been working hard at fixing the long list we have given them. Each patch has been an improvement, but the last couple have been really good. So, if you have not installed the most recent R10 patch, I encourage you to do so.  Simply click on Help>Software Updates, Check for Updates.  When POS is through updating, it will give you the list of issues it fixed.  Don’t worry – the changes aren’t written in Geek so you’ll understand what improvements they’ve made.

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