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Handling Refunds in Point of Sale

While some stores have a policy of refunding by issuing only store credit or credit on the credit card, there are still many who do issue refund checks occasionally. If you are one who does issue a check refund, then you know that it’s not so simple in QuickBooks. If you tell POS you want to issue a check, it comes over to QuickBooks books as a payment to be deposited. Two problems with this -you can’t deposit this negative payment, and no check gets created in QuickBooks. In the past I have recommended workaround solutions and even the POS reference books use workarounds. I recently learned of a new way that will work much more easily for you! Continue reading

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Batch Report for Bills Being Paid

I have heard from several clients that they would like to print a list of the bills being paid before the checks are cut (or just cut). What you can currently do in QuickBooks is run you through your AP Aging Report or your Unpaid Bills report so you know what’s outstanding. But many times, the business owner would like to actually see what bills are being paid before the checks are cut or have a report showing what bills were just paid. Unfortunately QuickBooks does not have a built-in report to do this. Continue reading

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Is Your Business Out of Balance?

You wouldn’t be in business if it weren’t for your clients. Yet, sometimes we almost forget that we are ultimately in business to receive a salary and to make a profit. In large companies, a balance must be maintained between serving clients and serving the shareholders. In your small business, the shareholder is YOU, so the pull is between you and your clients. Continue reading

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