Handling Refunds in Point of Sale

While some stores have a policy of refunding by issuing only store credit or credit on the credit card, there are still many who do issue refund checks occasionally.  If you are one who does issue a check refund, then you know that it’s not so simple in QuickBooks. If you tell POS you want to issue a check, it comes over to QuickBooks books as a payment to be deposited.  Two problems with this -you can’t deposit this negative payment, and no check gets created in QuickBooks. In the past I have recommended workaround solutions and even the POS reference books use workarounds. I recently learned of a new way that will work much more easily for you!

When you issue a refund in Point-Of-Sale for the Payment, choose Account instead of check. (You will need to have the customer name on the sales/return receipt.) Below are screen captures from POS 10 and older versions.

Figure 1 POS 9 and older

Figure 2 POS 10

This transaction will come over into QuickBooks as a credit memo.

From the Credit Memo in QuickBooks you can create the check; QuickBooks is where you would write the check anyhow.  Assuming you’ve already written the check by the time you are in QuickBooks, be sure to remove the checkmark in the To be printed box and enter the check number.

Let me know if you have any problems with this..

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2 Responses to Handling Refunds in Point of Sale

  1. Astrid van Beek says:

    Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to issue a cash refund (in POS 10) to a customer without a prior sales transaction. We buy items from customers sometimes and they do not always want this as store credit, but want to receive cash.

  2. I would use a payout instead of a refund. Then you can specify the account, such as inventory

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