Changes Are Coming in 2012

I just returned from the annual Intuit Solution Provider conference in Orlando. The rain left after my first day there, so I did get outside to enjoy sunny weather, but only on breaks between sessions. Much of the conference focused on what is new for 2012. While I have had 2012 installed and been working with it for the last month, it was helpful to take a closer look at it with other Intuit professionals to see the good and issues still to be resolved – we even had the opportunity to have input on the wish list for 2013!

Right now 2012 is in its first release, so there are still a few bugs, which are being addressed.  We found additional bugs, but with the Intuit product development personnel there, we were able to let them know so they can address those problems quickly.  This is a normal process any time there is a new product.  Overall, I really like 2012 and I think you will too. And some of you will definitely find the upgrade more than pays for itself – they added a feature that has been on my wish list for several years.  Some of you may find that not only will it be beneficial to upgrade to 2012, but to a higher edition, based on some of your needs. I will be posting blogs and videos on the new features for Pro, Premier and Enterprise.  I know I always find it helpful to actually see a product in action.

Should you upgrade?  My experience has been that many businesses underestimate the amount of time spent with various tasks in QuickBooks. So if you see new or improved features that can simplify or speed-up your work, multiply the cost it currently takes your employee(s) to do these tasks over a year and you may find the benefit is worth upgrading.  For those of you who upgrade to 2012, I would love to hear what your favorite new feature is.

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