Faster Data Entry in QuickBooks

Most of my clients, as they are doing work, would love to find an easier or faster way to get their work done so they can focus on other aspects of their business. I’ve  worked with a few clients who all had a similar need – they wanted to get information from either an outside program into QuickBooks or from one QuickBooks file to another. They had been manually entering transactions into QuickBooks.   Here are examples of the types of transactions they were using:

  • One had an invoice generated in another program that needed to be entered as a bill in QuickBooks
  • Another needed to enter a deposit in QuickBooks but all the detail was going to remain in another database
  • And yet a third had vendors bills from an industry software and needed the bills entered into QuickBooks.

Scenarios like this happen frequently in many businesses. For a variety of reasons, they create transactions in another program, such as Excel or a database program or some other third-party program because it does what they need it to do much better than QuickBooks. However, they do want to get some of this information into QuickBooks for financial reasons.

The solution was to use a utility that would format the data in a way that QuickBooks could read it creating a file that could then be imported into QuickBooks.  The first few times might seem a little intimidating.  But once you have the steps down, you realize this is much faster than manually keying in the desired transactions in QuickBooks(even those of you who are really fast), AND more accurate since the data entry in QuickBooks is eliminated.

Some businesses assume these are expensive, but most are not. And, if you figure out how long it takes to do the data entry manually, times their hourly rate plus payroll taxes and benefits, these could be a real bargain.

So, realize that there are software utilities out there that can help import your data from a spreadsheet or database or other program and can put it into QuickBooks  –  faster than you can . It’s worth asking to see what’s out there – perhaps you can save yourself lots of time (and money).  Just think what you might do with the time you saved!

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