What’s new in 2012 for QuickBooks Pro and above

I have to start with this first feature because it’s been on my wish list for several years. If you do payroll in-house and have crews at job/customer sites, then this one feature alone should pay for the upgrade and save you money!

Batched Timesheets – Save time and money with Batched Time Sheets for multiple employees or vendors . Before, you had to create a time sheet for each individual.  That could be a very time consuming project if you have several guys at the same location and they go to multiple locations in a day/week and/or pay period. This feature will now let you enter the time for multiple employees or vendors.

Calendar Quickly scan invoices, billing, past transactions and more items at a glance in the new Calendar. The improved “to-do” list captures more relevant information and displays it all in a calendar format. When you click on any given day, you will see the detail (you can filter this detail if you want).

Document Center – Get organized by attaching receipts, estimates, & other documents to invoices, bills, customer or vendor files Just drag & drop – a major advantage at tax time. This was fee-based before, but now it’s free and documents are stored on your computer or server.  The green paper clip lets you know when documents have been attached.

Lead Center Track and follow up on sales leads in the new Lead Center . Before, you had to track leads in one place and your customers in another.  With this new center, you can now have it all in QuickBooks. While I like this feature, it is very limited if you are used to a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program. But if you’ve never tracked your leads, this is a great  start and easy to turn the lead into a customer.

Just 1-click – With one click, you can now create a credit memo for a customer without having to manually enter all the individual line items. This will quickly copy the invoice and you can delete any lines you don’t need. Notice you can also receive a payment, memorize the transaction or even write a letter.

Memorized Transactions Now you  can see which transactions will be entered and choose to enter some/all now or later.

Improved Search – Quickly find transactions, other information or help by typing in your word in the box on the toolbar.  If you need additional criteria, the Find feature is still in QuickBooks, but this makes it really easy to find some of your information.  Even I use this feature!

In case you don’t think you need Premier or Enterprise, let me quickly highlight some differences. If these sound interesting, then read my articles on Premier and Enterprise and either contact me for a demo or watch my videos when I make them available.:


Up to 5 concurrent users (Pro allows up to 3)

Create Sales orders, track back orders, schedule filling/shipping orders

Billing Rates – if your employees bill out at different rates, this is much easier than creating an item for each person

Kits/Assemblies – While you can view, sell, report on these in Pro, you cannot create, edit, or build assemblies in Pro

Industry specific features and reports

Inventory center – New feature I discuss in my Premier article

Invoice for time & expense  by batch –  New feature I discuss in my Premier article


Size of lists – Enterprise can handle much larger lists (names & items)

Number of users – you can have up to 30 concurrent users in Enterprise

Security – Permissions are very granular – you can give a person access to 1 bank account but not another, they can see the customer list but not the balances, and much more.

Combine multiple companies in financial reports – a big time-saver for those who do have multiple companies – just ask the person that is currently creating that report!

Employee Organizer – Provides additional fields and reports for employees, wizards for tasks such as hiring, promotions or terminating, and access to human resource guidelines.  I wish this was available at all levels of QuickBooks.

Advanced Inventory features: Multi-location (new last year), FIFO (new this year) and Serial/Lot number tracking (new this year)

Enhanced Inventory – New this year – Now you can have your inventory asset account increase when you actually receive inventory (as it should), build assemblies based on available inventory and enter the bill for the inventory using a different date (which frequently is different).

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