Department Reporting the Way YOU Want it

Many retailers create departments and want sub-categorized departments.  For instance, the main department could be apparel and sub-departments could be men’s, women’s, children. If you have those sub-departments, then you would also like to see reports showing the totals for Men, Women and Children as well as an overall Apparel total. Getting that in POS involves some work arounds.

First, if you want to see the sub-departments listed together in a bigger report showing all the departments, make the first word the name of the Parent department (such as Apparel). Use a colon (:) to separate the Parent name of the department from the sub-department.  Then when you run a Sales by Department Summary Report, all the sub-departments will be clustered together as seen below.

Next, you can give each subcategory the same 3-digit Department Code to keep them together; the code can be numbers or letters. So for the example above, you might use APP.   Notice that the same department code for each cluster.

To see totals for each main department, do the following:

  1. Click on Reports>Sales>Item Summary
  2. 2. Click on Modify
  3. 3. Click on Add or Remove Columns
  4. Select the Dept Code from the list of available columns
  5. Deselect fields that are item specific, such as Item Name, Vendor, Attribute, Size, Department
  6. Sort by Dept Code
  7. Check the box to Create Subtotals for this Field
  8. Click on Save
  9. Then, click on Run

If this is a report you will run frequently, then memorize it so you won’t have to go through all these steps each time.

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