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Budgeting in QuickBooks

An under-used tool in QuickBooks is the Budget and this is a good time of year to set it up. I know many businesses don’t even take the time to work on a budget. But your budget is a powerful feature that can help you in a few ways. First it helps you control your costs. I realize some costs are hard to estimate especially as we see gas prices going up. But it still helps give you some guidelines in operating your business. You can also use it as an incentive when you’re looking at certain goals that you’d like to achieve in your business. A phrase I like is you can’t hit a target you can’t see. So having a budget helps you view those goals. .. It can also be a jumping-off point for discussions about long-term planning. Continue reading

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3 Tips to Getting Paid Faster

Cash flow is always an important element to track in your business. There are several ways you can improve cash flow. One way is to make it easy for your customers to pay you. While the traditional method has been for people to pay by check when they receive an invoice, with the advances of the Internet and more and more people paying bills online, customers’ preferred payment methods are changing. Continue reading

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Save Time with these 3 Workers Comp Tips

If you have employees then you pay into workers comp. And every year you probably go through a workers comp audit which verifies whether what you paid in premiums matches what you paid employees based on the hours, dollars and type of work your employees did during the year. Usually the auditor will give you a list of what they’re looking for in the audit. If you process payroll in QuickBooks there are some tools that you can use to pull your workers comp audit information together much faster and sometimes save you additional premiums. Continue reading

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Simplify Inventory Tracking

Do you find that taking a physical inventory of your store seems daunting and time consuming? If you didn’t fully appreciate just how much inventory your store actually has, counting everything at year-end (or whenever you choose) reminds you that you truly have lots! There are several reasons why the count on the floor is different than what you have on your books. Continue reading

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