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The Power of Permission

What have you been wanting to do in your business for a really long time? Perhaps you’ve been wanting to raise your prices. Maybe you want to hire an assistant or another team member but haven’t gotten around to it. Or maybe you want to work less and focus on personal time, but you haven’t taken action for one reason or another. Continue reading

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10 Steps to Better Cash Flow

Almost every business I know monitors cash pretty closely and all seem to have their own system. But here are 10 ways to help you monitor and/or improve cash flow. Continue reading

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10 Things You Might Not Think to Delegate But Should

Just about everyone suffers from a lack of time to do all the things they want, or even need, to do in their business. One of the solutions to freeing up your time is to delegate. The question is, what are the most effective tasks to delegate? Here are ten ideas for you to consider (or reconsider) to free up your valuable time for more important things. Continue reading

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How Healthy is Your Business?

How healthy is your business? Many businesses just look at their profit & loss statement (aka income statement), but you could be missing out on some helpful information. Continue reading

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