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Powerful Reporting Tools

While I love the reporting features in QuickBooks, sometimes I still want to do more with it. While many of you have probably exported reports to Excel before, here are some features you may not have used. Continue reading

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Ending Job Cost Frustration

Are you frustrated with job costing in QuickBooks? Trust me, when I say you are not alone – I think there’s a big club! Construction contractors, landscapers, government contractors, architects, engineers, are just a few who need to be able to track the costs and revenue for jobs/projects. Continue reading

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5 Bottlenecks to Avoid that Stump Your Business Growth

As a business owner, you have likely acquired many skills and are wearing many hats in your business. Although admirable, your versatility can often lead to slower growth for your company. This happens when you become the bottleneck. Here are five places to check to make sure you haven’t become the bottleneck in your own business. Continue reading

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Accepting Credit Cards: Terms You Should Know

I remember when I first looked into accepting credit card payments I was overwhelmed by all the terminology and accepting payments online was even more complex! But I firmly believe that accepting credit card payments can help sales and if I can use Intuit for merchant services then I have integration with my QuickBooks so I don’t have to spend time entering data and trying to match my bank deposits with the merchant service statements and my sales Continue reading

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A Few of My Favorite Features in QuickBooks

There are many features I like in QuickBooks, guess that’s why I support the software! But I find when I’m with new clients who have been using QuickBooks for a while or clients who are upgrading, I always like to share a few of the features I like either as a business owner or from a timesaving bookkeeping perspective. So here’s my list: Continue reading

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