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Six Favorite Freebies You Can Steal

If you’re looking for ways to boost your productivity, technology is a great place to start. The good news is there are many free options available. Here are six favorites you might not know about. Continue reading

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Are You Missing Crucial Job Cost Tools and Information?

Are you missing out on crucial job cost tools and information? I’ve met with several contractors of many types over the years (remodelers, general contractors, subcontractors from various trades, landscapers, government contractors…) and one of their big concerns is job costing, as it should be. However, I’ve seen that they miss out on some helpful tools simply because of the version of QuickBooks they use. While you can use Online QuickBooks, QuickBooks for Mac and QuickBooks Pro to get some reporting for expenses for a job, you miss out on many reports and other features that can help you. QuickBooks Premier and Enterprise Solutions both have additional reports that are worthwhile, in my opinion. Continue reading

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Seven Ways to Wow Your Clients

One of the main reasons clients leave is because they feel ignored. The cost of ignoring clients is high; you have to do more marketing and replace those clients when they leave. The antidote to this is easy: just stay in touch more with clients, and let them know you care about them and their business. Here are seven ways to stay in touch with all your clients and especially your long-term customers. Continue reading

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