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Is 2013 The Year You Finally Go Mobile With Financial Data?

Using QuickBooks Mobile, you’ll improve business relations, put out fires before they start and unchain yourself from your office computer. Continue reading

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Is Your Business Missing an Accounting Skillset?

In a small business, the owner ends up wearing many hats to get the product or service delivered, the customers served, and the accounts settled. Within each functional area of a small business, there are even more hats. Although the accounting function might be considered one big hat, there are actually a number of skills that make up “the accounting department” in a small business. Here’s a list to help you understand how it all works together. As you read through it ask yourself how you are covering these functions in your workplace. Continue reading

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Planning for an Awesome 2013

For businesses with fiscal years that coincide with the calendar year, the slate of revenues and expenses will be wiped clean on New Year’s Day. Starting with a clean slate gives us a chance to reflect on our 2012 results before we enter 2013 and experience the hope that comes with a new year. Continue reading

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