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Have You Been Hacked? How to Minimize Your Risk

Just about every day, we read in the news that another company has been hacked. You might have already been directly affected by the password thefts at LinkedIn last year or Evernote this year. Or you might have had your own social media account, email, website, network, or computer hacked. Worse, many of you have been hacked but don’t even know it. Continue reading

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Going Mobile

Do you need mobile access to estimates or customer payment information? Or do you have staff in multiple locations who need remote access to QuickBooks? I’m getting more requests from clients who want or need to access their QuickBooks remotely. While I did a series of articles on this a few years ago, I thought it time to give you an update. Continue reading

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Five Cash Leaks to Avoid

Cash flow improvement is a hot issue for small businesses; in many businesses, it seems like there is never enough cash when you need it. The last thing a business owner wants is to reduce their cash balance unnecessarily. To help you preserve or increase your cash, here are five cash management leaks to avoid. Continue reading

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8 Ways to Get Your Invoicing Done Quickly

Getting invoices done quickly not only helps bring the cash in from your customers faster, but improves productivity and can reduce overhead. While 15 minutes a day doesn’t seem like much, if you work 48 weeks a year (52 minus 2 weeks’ vacation and 10 holidays), 15 minutes a day is 60 hours a year. Just think what you or an employee can do with that extra time. Additional billable work, another sales call, or clocking out sooner. Financially, it’s $600/year for an employee making $10/hour , $1500 at $25/hour, $6000 for someone at $100/hour! Continue reading

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