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While much of what I learned and saw at the Intuit conference I’m not able to share yet due to my NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) with Intuit, there is still plenty I can share.

I am able to get my clients great discounts. Sometimes it’s in the form of fees waived, sometimes in lower rates for a few months or the first year, and in some cases, for the life of the subscription.  So any time you are considering purchasing an Intuit product or signing up for one of their services, please contact us so we can not only help you get the product best for you, but also at the best price.

Enterprise Solutions – We got to hear about some of the new features for V15 (I liked what I heard!) and they are still looking for input, so yours truly will be signing up to have even more input. Please let me know what you’d like to see in your QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Online (QBO) is not only gaining in popularity but also in what it can do and 3rd party apps and software that connect. QBO is still not a good fit for those who need job costing or inventory, but if you are not in either of those camps, it might be worth a look. As a Premier Reseller, I am able to get you a discounted rate for the life of the subscription, so be sure to let us help you get signed up so you can get the discount.

Payroll – There are basically 3 levels of payroll support.  You can do the entire payroll in your QuickBooks, have Intuit or your accountant handle the payroll taxes and filings, or completely outsource the payroll and I can get you special pricing on all the Intuit payroll products.

  • For those needing job costing, Enhanced & Assisted provide the best job costing for payroll.  I often recommend Assisted (where Intuit sends the payments and files the reports) so you or bookkeeper/admin are free to do other work.  Right now, there is a great deal on Assisted where I’m able to get you a reduced rate for the life of your subscription, so if this is of interest, please let me know.
  • While Assisted does the better job for job costing, Intuit Full Service is worth looking at if you don’t want to do all of the payroll yourself or if you use QuickBooks Online or want remote access for payroll. Intuit keeps improving this product so it can do job costing on an account level (not Item level) and class/department tracking.  The price is great and right now, through me, you’re able to get a 35% discount plus 1 free month!
  • We can also help you get the labor posters you need for your office.  I learned that the person in charge of these posters for Intuit was fined $17,000 for out of date posters when she had a business – and that put her out of business!  She now has made it her mission to help businesses stay current.  So you definitely don’t want to let that lapse.
  • My payroll rep is Joseph Darr (works in the Fredericksburg, VA office), if you can’t reach me.

Checks – If you saw Catch Me If You Can, Frank Abagnale helped Intuit design check less susceptible to fraud. For those of us who don’t specialize in fraud prevention or audits, it’s amazing all the techniques (some sophisticated, many are not) that are out there.   So Intuit now has a line of checks that are much more secure than the other checks on the market. Currently I am able to get you a 35% discount off the regular Intuit price, so if you want to be proactive and order now, let me know. If you want to wait until it’s time to reorder checks, please contact us when you are low so we can help you get the best price.  I discuss these new checks in more detail here.

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