QuickBooks 2014 R6 has Some Bugs

If you use QuickBooks 2014, installed the latest update (R6), and are having problems, you are not alone.  When Intuit rolls out a patch, it’s initially a manual download, which means you need to go to the website to download the patch; that’s Intuit’s last way to check the patch before they let all users know. So by the time you receive an alert in your QuickBooks, they think the patch is good. Unfortunately, R6 is causing problems for many. I hope you are not one of them, but if you are, let us know.  It may be that we have to uninstall your QuickBooks and put R5 on, but there is the chance it might have problems coming in behind R6.  So if you are NOT experiencing any problems, just be very good about backups, reviewing your data and we’ll let you know when the next patch is ready.

Since there have been a few patches that have not been good, I recommend you make a backup of your data BEFORE you install the patch.  Never a bad practice (you can’t have too many backups), but one we sometimes let lapse.

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