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How to Use the QuickBooks’ Fixed Asset Tool

If you’re a typical business, then you’ve purchased furniture, equipment (outdoor or office), vehicles, or maybe even property – these are commonly referred to as Fixed Assets.  By definition, Fixed Assets must be in use for over 12 months. QuickBooks … Continue reading

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Have You Checked Your Balances Lately?

The Balance Sheet is an important report in your business’s financial statements. Unfortunately, I find that many small businesses never look at this report.  Usually it’s either because they don’t understand the report or they think it has nothing to … Continue reading

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Helpful Payroll Reports in QuickBooks

When you need answers to questions such as pay rates and hours worked, benefits and other withholding, payroll taxes due, …., do you have a quick way to get your hands on that information?  While you can certainly use the … Continue reading

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Did You Miss these Helpful Payroll Features?

As I continue to meet with clients, I learn that they are sometimes missing out on some of the QuickBooks employee and payroll features.  There can be many reasons.  A common one is that it did not exist when you … Continue reading

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