Helpful Payroll Reports in QuickBooks

When you need answers to questions such as pay rates and hours worked, benefits and other withholding, payroll taxes due, …., do you have a quick way to get your hands on that information?  While you can certainly use the Employee and Payroll Centers to find information, you may find that QuickBooks’ payroll reports can answer a lot of questions quickly.

One of my favorite payroll reports is the Payroll Summary.  I find that most of the answers I need I can get from that one report. I may need to change date range or columns, but it can be that simple. And if there is certain information you need regularly, memorize the report(s).


Personally, I usually change the columns from Employee to either pay period, month or quarter, depending on the time frame I’m examining, and get rid of the hours and rates.  But that’s the beauty of this report – you can examine so much and make it fit what you need.  And, of course, you can always drill down from the report to the actual transactions.




There are several other payroll reports (17 actually).  If you have not looked at the available built-in customizable reports recently, you might want to take a look – a few have “sneaked” in that you might find useful.  Notice there are several reports that take you from QuickBooks to Excel such as the Certified Payroll report.  The Summarize Payroll Data in Excel produces an Excel workbook with worksheets for Employee Paychecks, Hours Worked, Quarterly Summaries, and much more.


If you’re not sure what some of these reports look like, check out the Report Center – it provides some additional tools to help you understand each report.  Once you’re in the Report Center, click on the Employees & Payroll tab on the left side of the screen. Select how you want to view the different reports from the three icons at the upper right – with an animated 3-D carousel effect, List view or Grid (shown below).



As you can see, you have a quick preview of how the report looks and the Info icon below the report will give you a description of the report (shown below).  If that’s not enough, then click on Help for more information about the report.



If you like this report, you can add it to your Favorites (Fave).  If you customize the report, and want to use it again, then memorize the report; Faves won’t save your customizations. Help opens QuickBooks Help with more information about the report

Your QuickBooks Payroll reports can be as basic or as complex as you want them to be as you zero in on the data you’re seeking. If you need help with these, let us know.  Would love to hear what your favorite payroll report is!

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