New Pricing Structure for Enterprise

Intuit has made changes to how you purchase Enterprise. For starters, there are now 3 levels when buying Enterprise (this has nothing to do with the number of licenses).  What I like about this plan, is what Intuit has bundled in at each level AND that Intuit did not increase the price. In fact, the silver level of Enterprise (for a 5 user license) is now lower than before! I was pleasantly surprised to see unlimited enhanced payroll included!

Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions
In the past, some of you have not renewed your Full Service Plan (FSP), which means you had to repurchase at a future date and did not receive the benefits listed below.  If you did not renew the FSP, then you lost the preferred payment rates and add-on services (like Advanced Inventory, Advanced Pricing).

Quickbooks Enterprise Solution
With these new levels, Enterprise is now an annual subscription only. (Current Enterprise users can continue with their existing plan for now.)  The annual subscription rate will be the MSRP of Enterprise (at the time of renewal) – and that’s one reason why you see the bundling of “add-on” products.   For those of you who let your FSP lapse, next time you want to purchase Enterprise, you will need to purchase the subscription.

Are there options?  It’s like many other decisions – you have to weigh pros and cons.  So yes, you can downgrade to Pro/Premier or even QuickBooks Online (QBO), but you lose many of the features that helped you decide to purchase Enterprise.  There is often a loss of some data (and time) when you convert.  Then there are the extra costs you often pay (in time and labor, at the very least) for added work-arounds to solve for functionality Enterprise had.  Here’s the short list of key features you would lose:

  • Number of users
  • Control of user access
  • Size of lists
  • Inventory features
  • Customization features
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Combine reports for multiple companies
  • Access from multiple locations
  • Number of companies (With QBO, it’s one subscription per company)
  • You might need more add-ons (Rather than add more features in QBO, many of the “shortcomings” are solved by apps – all with an extra cost).

Enterprise was designed for companies with 20-99 employees (ideally).  If you look to non-Intuit products, you will be dealing with data conversion – and that can be costly, not to mention time-consuming.

If you are a sizeable company and look at “comparable” products such as Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains, NetSuite or Intaact, not only do you have the cost of conversion, but those products are typically more than triple the costs of Enterprise. Sometimes they do include more, but many Enterprise users don’t have the need for that “more”.  In fact, cost is often a reason why businesses move from those products into Enterprise.

Many of you don’t have to make a decision right now. If you’re a current Enterprise user with an active FSP, your renewal rate will NOT be the MSRP for this next year (and maybe a few years to come).  If you chose not to renew your FSP, then when it’s time for you to upgrade your Enterprise, you will need to make some decisions.  Contact our office so we can assist.

As an Intuit Premier Reseller, I am kept up to date on pricing and promotions so I can help you decide on the deal best for you when you purchase through me.

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