Plan For A Fabulous New Year

The holiday month of December brings celebration as well as reflection for all the events that occurred in 2014.  It also gives us great hope for a new start in 2015.  Here are four ideas to help you plan for a fabulous new year.

  1. Change your Revenue Mix

Many small business owners focus on generating more revenue every year, and that’s a great objective.  But not all revenue is created equally.  If you sell more than one product or service in your business, then you can benefit from looking at your revenue mix. This is one reason why I love to use the Class feature in QuickBooks.  It’s so easy to compare profit centers, or departments or states or ….   Below is a P & L by “Class” – look at how easy it is to compare the profitability of the different aspects of your business!  You can even turn on “% of row” and get better sense of which is more profitable for your business.

New Year - Fab 15

For more help with reviewing profitability, here are a couple articles

Or feel free to reach out to us or your accountant.

  1. Find a focus for the year.

  • Instead of getting into the rut of making and breaking resolutions, consider having a focus for the entire year.  Choose your focus from among things like:
  • A new service.  Perhaps you’re launching a new service and need to focus on developing this new line of business
  • Giving back.  On a personal note, you might value volunteering and decide to organize your year around a couple of volunteer opportunities.
  • Growth.  You might want to consider a growth-related theme, such as productivity or profitability.
  • Developing a department in your business, such as your sales, marketing, operations, HR, admin, or another.  The focus will be on building or expanding the department you’ve chosen to work on.
  • Organizing, detoxing, or cleansing.   Consider cleaning out your office (or your garage), upgrading your systems, re-designing your filing system, or going on a cleanse or a vacation or a retreat that will leave you feeling clutter- and worry-free
  • Building a relationship with an individual or a group of people related to your business.  The relationships are the focus.
  1. Live by a theme for 2015.

Your theme could be an emotion or expression such as gratitude or compassion.  It could be a color – purple – just for fun.  You might adopt a favorite quote or religious verse or even song.  Your goal for the year will be to embody your theme and/or bring it into other’s lives as well.

  1. Do the one big thing this New Year.   

Have you been holding back somewhere?  Maybe it’s giving yourself permission to take more time off from work. Or maybe it’s time to bring in a consultant to help you in a problem area. Then take steps in 2015 to move closer to it.  Make 2015 your year to do that one big thing that’s been weighing heavily on your mind.  Just think how you’d feel if you finally did it; your life would be forever altered.

Put reminders on sticky notes, and put them in several places you will see them.  Mark your calendar and to do list with reminders and milestone checks.  Make art out of your sticky notes, and post them on the refrigerator door and your office walls.  That way, the reminder will be physically with you all year.

We wish you a happy and healthy new year to you and yours.


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