Six Ways to Streamline Data Entry

Are you manually entering data into your QuickBooks?  If so, there may be a way to enter that data that’s faster, cheaper, and better.  Manually keying in data is expensive – you pay someone to key in and you have a higher risk of mistakes, which can be costly, depending on the mistake and when you find it.  Data entry automation has come a long way.  Here are six common areas to automate, or streamline, data entry so that it no longer has to be manually entered.

  1. Bank feeds or online banking – If you’re still entering your bank transactions, Streamlinethe good news is you have an opportunity to save time on your bookkeeping.  Almost all banks and many credit unions provide interfaces with your QuickBooks so that checking account, savings account, and credit card transactions can be automatically entered directly into your QuickBooks.   Even if you have to edit them, this is often faster and has the added benefit of making bank reconciliations often go smoother.  FYI – you do need a “supported” version of QuickBooks, which right now is 2012 and higher; support for 2012 will end May 31, 2015.
  1. Streamline Time Tracking – Many of you have hourly workers. There are several products on the market that let employees or crew foremen enter their time when out in the field and then that time can be imported into the timesheets in QuickBooks. This can save LOTS of time. I’ve done timesheets – I know!
  1. Streamline Estimating  – Many of you create estimates outside of QuickBooks.  There are several products that help you create estimates and then can export that estimate out into QuickBooks – that could be another big timesaver.
  1. Import and export functions – And speaking of export/import, if you need to get data from one place to another, such as from a spreadsheet into your QuickBooks, there are import utilities that can assist, ranging from estimates, bills, invoices to budgets, just to name a few. Wouldn’t it be great not to have to recreate data?!
  1. Interfaces and programmers – If you have a high volume of transactions that need to move from one place to another on an ongoing basis, it may make the most sense to employ programmers who can build an interface. Alternately, some systems can talk to each other already; they just need to be plugged into each other correctly.
  1. Mobile Access – If your sale occurs out in the field, don’t wait to get the data into your system when you get back to the office. You may be able to complete the sale right out in the field, so that when you get back to the office, you can call it a day instead of keying in the day’s work.  We’re happy to discuss some of your options with you.

There are solutions that are need specific and those that are industry specific.  Industry specific knows your business better so many times businesses like those.  They may cost more, but they can be so tailored to your industry that it’s actually saves you time and money. And there are need specific as we mentioned.   Here is an article with some guidelines when shopping for software that can integrate with your QuickBooks.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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